Greek Quinoa Salad

Tri-color quinoa salad topped with orange dressing

Greek Originals Quinoa

Quinoa, a superfood in the Mediterranean diet, is celebrated for its unique taste and many health benefits! Paliria introduces a vibrant twist with a Greek Tri-color Quinoa Salad drizzled with a refreshing Orange Dressing.

In this dish, vibrant tricolor quinoa is expertly cooked and paired beautifully with sweet corn, red peppers, and chopped mint. The orange dressing, with its bright citrus flavor, adds a rich aromatic taste to this nutritious and healthy meal. Whether you’re craving a hearty Greek quinoa bowl or a refreshing quinoa salad, this flexible dish is a healthy meal that you can enjoy, hot or cold, easily and quickly wherever you are!

No Preservatives
Source of Protein
Source of Fiber
How to enjoy Tri-Color Quinoa with Corn & Orange Dressing!

Our Tri-Color Quinoa is shelf-stable and ready to serve from the package. Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days. 

Enjoy each meal either cold or hot – serve as a salad, side dish, or add it to a Greek bowl! Whatever your choice is, for lunch, dinner, or any other occasion, either at home or on the go, Greek Originals are the perfect solution for top-quality vegan meals of genuinely great taste.


60% tricolor quinoa boiled (white-red-black), corn 16%, red peppers,sunflower oil, concentrated lemon juice, water, sugar, concentrated orange juice 0,9%, salt, mint, chili pepper. May contain traces of wheat, soya, sulphites, celery and mustard.

Nutritional Information
666 kj/ 160 kcal
8.4 g
of which saturated
1.0 g
15.3 g
of which sugar
3.9 g
Dietary Fibres
4.7 g
3.4 g
0.41 g