Traditional Greek Dolmas

Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice & Greek Herbs

Greek Originals Dolmas

Dolmas, stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs, is a national dish that reminds us of our grandmothers’ care and love. Greek Originals Dolmas is our number one product and trademark and we are proudly the biggest producer of dolma in the world, hand-rolling over 2,000,000 pieces per day! 

This unique Greek snack is consumed by millions of people worldwide daily and has become the company’s flagship since 1957. Since then, these small bites of rice, cooked with fresh dill and mint, are still hand-wrapped one by one inside fresh early-harvest grape leaves to this day.

We recommend pairing each delicious bite with tzatziki, plain yogurt, or a few drops of fresh lemon juice for an even more authentic flavor! Whether enjoyed as a healthy Mediterranean appetizer or a light and satisfying meal, these vegetarian stuffed grape leaves are a true taste of Greece.

No Preservatives
Homemade meal
How to enjoy Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice & Greek Herbs!

Dolmas are shelf-stable and ready to serve from the package. Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days. 

Enjoy each meal either cold or hot – perfect as a main course, appetizer, or quick snack! Whatever your choice is, for lunch, dinner, or any other occasion, either at home or on the go, Greek Originals are the perfect solution for top-quality vegan meals of genuinely great taste.


Rice (cooked) 60%, water, vine leaves 10%, soya oil, onions, 2.74% herbs (dill, mint), concentrate lemon juice, salt, natural extracts (lemon,vegetables,herbs,spices), powdered lemon juice,black pepper. May contain traces of sulfites.

Nutritional Information
740 kj/ 176 kcal
7,5 g
of which saturated
1.6 g
23.5 g
of which sugar
1.6 g
Dietary Fibres
1.4 g
2.7 g
1.56 g